Iroquois Delegation to the United Nations

Leon Shenandoah, Tadadaho
Audrey Shenandoah, Oren Lyons, Jake Swamp

In the winter of 1993, spiritual leaders of 7 indigenous nations of North America came to the United Nations to deliver their traditional prophecies relating to the earth.

This video offered with respect, and in honor of the Elders that participated in the Cry of the Earth conference, November 1993. Many of these Elders have crossed over, but their legacy remains. May their words continue to inspire through this unedited account. It is a fulfillment of a promise made to spread their message as widely as possible.

The Tree Of Peace

tree of peace

“When we walk upon Mother Earth, we always plant our feet carefully because we know the faces of our future generations are looking up at us from beneath the ground. We never forget them.”

–Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper, Onondaga Nation

“It is prophesied in our Instructions that the end of the world will be near when the trees start dying from the tops down. That’s what the maples are doing today. Our Instructions say the time will come when there will be no corn, when nothing will grow in the garden, when the water will be unfit to drink…We were instructed to carry a love for one another and to show great respect for all beings of the earth…In our ways, spiritual consciousness is the highest form of politics…We must live in harmony with the Natural World and recognize that excessive exploitation can only lead to our own destruction. We cannot trade the welfare of our future generations for profit now…We must stand together, the four sacred colors of man, as the one family that we are, in the interest of peace. We must abolish nuclear and conventional weapons of war…We must raise leaders of peace. We must unite the religions of the world as the spiritual force strong enough to prevail in peace. We are the spiritual energy that is a thousand times stronger than nuclear energy. Our energy is the combined will of all people with the spirit of the Natural World, to be of one body, one heart, and one mind for peace.”

–Leon Shenandoah, Tadodaho